Health Insurance in the United States

Plan features include:

  • Competitive, Comprehensive Plans
  • Innovative Insurance Products
  • Simplified Administrative Arrangements
  • Online enrollment & ID's
  • Insured online services including claim status
  • Multi-Lingual Services
  • 24 Hour Nurse Hotline
Each account has a single assigned coordinator that will work proactively to ensure that you and your participants needs are met.

Compass provides international students and international scholars with the information and resources needed to make educated decisions about health care and health insurance

Issues to be aware of are:
  • That you generally get what you pay for. Be aware that low cost plans may provide limited benefits.
  • Insurance usually does not cover all costs. There are often deductibles & co-pays that need to be paid by the student.
  • You need to know the plan benefits. The benefits provided may be better if you use a Health Center or a certain provider.
  • You need to be pro-active in making sure that claims and other paperwork are handled properly. If the insurance company needs additional information from the doctor’s office, you may need to prompt the office to send the info in a timely manner.

Note, some information in the following websites and publications contain information intended for U.S. citizens