How to Select International Health Insurance

Plan features include:

  • Competitive, Comprehensive Plans
  • Innovative Insurance Products
  • Simplified Administrative Arrangements
  • Online enrollment & ID's
  • Insured online services including claim status
  • Multi-Lingual Services
  • 24 Hour Nurse Hotline
Each account has a single assigned coordinator that will work proactively to ensure that you and your participants needs are met.

Compass provides international students and international scholars with the information and resources needed to make educated decisions about health care and health insurance

    It is not uncommon to see low cost plans that only cover outpatient care to a certain limit (say $1,500). These same plans often cap hospital stays and surgeries. While this may be adequate coverage in your home country, it is considered low for medical coverage in the U.S.

    These low cost plans often mislead buyers by not identifying the limitations. Examples are some of the plans can be found in web searches for international student health insurance. Do not rely on the main pages. Dig deeper and read the full benefits and conditions

    Please review any product you purchase carefully. Be sure it meets your needs and your school’s requirements. This includes the Compass Plans – be aware that there are some limitations relative to dental, pre-exisiting conditions, mental health and certain therapies such as physiotherapy.

    The following are articles or resources that may help you through the selection process.

    Health Insurance Consumer Resources