Medical Tourism Facilitator Liability Insurance

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Thank you for your interest in the Medical Tourism Facilitator Liability Insurance program. We look forward to providing a liability insurance program for your medical tourism company.

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Professional Liability Insurance for Medical Tourism facilitators designed to meet requests from U.S. and Canadian facilitators for insurance to cover possible liability resulting from the coordination of medical tourism

Medical Tourism Facilitator Liability Plan Highlights

  • Limits available up to USD $10,000,000 with excess insurance options.
  • Coverage for the exposure an act, error or omission in the performance of professional services.
  • Coverage for vicarious liability from medical malpractice associated with facilitation of medical tourism.
  • Coverage includes damages and claims expenses as well as defense costs.
  • Includes a toll free hotline phone number to a leading law firm in the medical tourism industry for consultations.
  • Unintentional misrepresentation or a negligent act


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