Stress & Mental Health

Plan features include:

  • Competitive, Comprehensive Plans
  • Innovative Insurance Products
  • Simplified Administrative Arrangements
  • Online enrollment & ID's
  • Insured online services including claim status
  • Multi-Lingual Services
  • 24 Hour Nurse Hotline
Each account has a single assigned coordinator that will work proactively to ensure that you and your participants needs are met.

Compass provides international students and international scholars with the information and resources needed to make educated decisions about health care and health insurance

The beginning of any new experience can be an extremely stressful experience. There are pressures of adapting to the new environment and uncertain academic expectations. The impact of this adjustment is often lessened and made tolerable through the sharing of this experience with peers. If this coping support is removed, and then even magnified by other factors, one finds themselves in the position of many international students & travelers.

There are many good sites on the web that help all students become more familiar with counseling and mental wellness. An example of a school site that that discusses the issue of adjustment into a new culture on a single page is University of Cincinnati
For a self help page, check out the material at the University of Buffalo counseling web site

If you would like to first visit a questionnaire site that may help in self-assessment, try myhealthyplace and one through the National Institute of Health. If you have concerns about an eating disorder, consider the Eating Disorder Screening

Note that the role of these self help sites is to not to replace formal evaluation or care. Their primary purpose is to help you think further about the problems you may be facing (or avoiding).

Other good general sites are Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page at Psych Central and the National Institute of Health publications page.

While a majority of counseling is simply to improve one’s quality of life, there are circumstances however where you or a friend is experiencing disorder that is more serious or urgent in nature. If this is a concern, please seek care as soon as possible. Early recognition of a concern will be a relief. It will also hopefully lead to treatment and improvement.

International study & exchange travel has been aptly presented as both an opportunity and a challenge. If one is not aware of how the resources are made available to meet these challenges in the U.S., international students are both limiting this opportunity and reducing their effectiveness. Do not place constraints by carrying forward misconceptions about Mental Wellness. Be well, be happy, thrive.