Canadian Student Working Holiday Medical Insurance

Plan features include:

  • Short Term Travel Medical Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Astonishing Travel Assistance Services
  • Political Evacuation
  • Natural Disaster Benefit
  • Multi-Lingual Services
  • 24 Hour Nurse Hotline

Compass offers its insured clients access to the leading insurers and partners in the in the market. These providers have been selected for their ability to provide secure insurance coverage along with solid support & services.

Short-term health insurance for working holidays in Canada

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the Atlas plan is just what you're looking for. Plans are available from a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of one year. At no additional cost, the Atlas Series adds coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation, Acts of Terrorism and Complications of Pregnancy.
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Client Zone and World Service Center

Whether you have misplaced your ID card or benefit booklet, need assistance with a claim, or have a question about benefits, HCCMIS is ready to respond. Frequently, these and other issues can be addressed with a short visit to Client Zone. Client Zone is an online account management and resource tool that allows you to:

  • Change personal information
  • Renew coverage and reprint ID cards
  • Obtain details about claim filing, including downloading necessary forms
  • Pre-certify for certain medical procedures and hospitalizations
  • Locate providers within the PPO Network
  • Study destination, weather and travel security information using our Travel Intelligence and Planning System (TIPS)
  • Access health and wellness information
  • View and download brochures, obtain policy information, or get quotes for other products offered by HCCMIS

You may access Client Zone by logging in at

How To Select Canadian Insurance

While the health care system is available to all, Canada's national health insurance program provides insurance coverage to residents only. It is very important that international visitors obtain their own medical insurance - health care in Canada can be very costly!

But please review any product you purchase carefully. Be sure it meets your needs. Be aware that there are some limitations relative to dental, pre-exisiting conditions, mental health and certain therapies such as physiotherapy. 
The following is a list of points to review. It is taken from

  • Coverage is continuous before departure and after return;
  • Coverage can be renewed from abroad and the maximum period of stay is clearly stated;
  • 24-hour emergency contact number in English is provided (with translation services for health care providers in the host country who do not speak English);
  • Coverage is provided for doctors' visits and prescription medicines;
  • Direct payment of bills abroad is provided by the company (no payment up front);
  • Coverage is provided for congenital or pre-existing health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, etc;
  • Deductible costs are minimal: either full coverage or co-insurance requiring a shared percentage of total bill (plans with 100% coverage are more expensive but may save considerable cost in case of illness or an accident);
  • Coverage is provided for repatriation of remains (in some cases costs may exceed $12,000);
  • Life-time maximum for medical expense due to illness and hospitalization are as high as possible, since treatment for some types of injuries may exceed $250,000 and go as high as $1,000,000;
  • Coverage is provided for emergency dental care;
  • Coverage is provided for ambulance and emergency transportation; and
All regions and countries of travel are covered.